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Dental care

Even brushing your teeth regularly and using food floss does not completely eliminate plaque because some parts of the gum and the tooth are difficult to reach as well as the teeth at the back of the mouth. Food residues and bacteria therefore settle there and mineralize over time and turn into tartar (dental calculus), this tartar cannot be removed by brushing and the dentist then proceeds to scaling, which consists of removing the visible tartar, as well as the one that hides under the gum to guarantee good oral health.

Essentially used to treat cavities caused by attacks of bacteria on dental enamel. This treatment consists of removing the affected part and replacing it with a composite, an inert and aesthetic resinous material.

Tooth devitalization:
Dental devitalization is a necessary operation in certain cases of severe caries close to the dental pulp, in the event of a fall on a tooth, or a pulp necrosis.
It consists of removing the pulp tissue at the level of the root of the tooth and at the level of the crown. In other words, the tooth is devoid of all the nerve and vascular endings that are responsible for sensitivity and pain.