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Turkish law

From 2018, the Turkish government reduced the Turkish citizenship law to 250,000 USD in order to facilitate the inflow of foreign investment in the real estate sector. From April 13-2022, the Turkish citizenship law was officially changed from 250,000 USD 400,000 USD.

According to this law, you can receive a Turkish passport in all properties with any user by appointing an official expert (expertise) for a period of three to four months.

Or by depositing cash in the amount of 500,000 USD or its equivalent, whether in euros or pounds, for three years in a Turkish bank, you will be entitled to receive a monthly deposit interest on a Turkish citizen.

Under the new law, foreign investors are only allowed to bring in three international currencies (US dollars, pounds, euros).

After the approval of the Central Bank from the entry of these three currencies and its conversion into the Turkish currency, an official license will be issued to you, which is one of the important documents in the process of buying and obtaining citizenship.

In Sgone, all these steps will be done by the company’s legal lawyer.

Another way to obtain citizenship is to buy government bonds in the amount of 500,000 US dollars, in which you can obtain Turkish citizenship by observing tax exemptions and receiving monthly interest.

In the last two methods, you have a tax exemption, but in the property investment sector, depending on the type of project you choose, you will be subject to a 1% tax, which is sometimes included in your purchase amount.

There is no difference between your citizenship and Turkish people and all the amendments to the Turkish Constitution will apply to you for example, the right to vote, free education, medical services….

Having enough information and mastering the current laws in this process will be provided to you by our consultants and you will only make a choice safely.

Completion and follow-up of the citizenship process from the beginning to the delivery of documents will be done by our company’s legal lawyers.

Turkish passport validity :

Turkish passport has a good validity. You can check the validity of all passports of different countries from the Passport Index site.

According to the latest opinion, the Turkish passport is in the top 30 valid passports in the world, which is considered an important rank.

And according to this ranking, many countries can travel without a visa or a online visa or a visa to the destination without restrictions.

In terms of trade, the Turkish passport is one of the most valid passports in the European economic sector. For example, in Germany, most Turkish people have important economic activities.